What started out as a daily message to my sons in 2019, has grown into daily messages to all who wish to receive them. While I didn’t have a clue I was to share those messages with the world, the Lord put on my heart in 2020 to do so.


What’s the purpose of daily messages?


First, “A Reminder”. Very simply, unless we are reminded of God’s presence in this world, and much more importantly for those who know Christ as Savior and Lord, our busy schedules leave us little or no time to meditate on what’s most important in life.


Secondly, “Short and To The Point”. Most people have very little if no time to read about God, and unless messages are short and  to the point, people won’t take time to read them.


Thirdly, “Points to Scripture”. These messages are not related to opinions, whether mine or anyone else, and contain more scripture than anything else. The added comments have for simple purpose to highlight Scripture, not add or delete from it, and certainly not to stretch or contradict scripture.


Fourthly, “Challenging”. Unless we are challenged in life, we sometimes simply follow the pattern we have adopted. The messages while pointing to scripture and being short, have for ultimate purpose to challenge people to either turn from their evil ways, or remind believers that they must live by the commitment they made with God and Christ. In essence, their purpose is to make people stop and think, thereby throwing a challenge to reflect and take the proper steps to live by God’s standards and not the world’s.


My only wish is that those messages will help and encourage you to recognize the importance of putting Christ at the helm of your life, just as He so clearly enjoined us to, and even paid the price of His life to open the door for us to be reconciled to God.

John 3:16


André P Gourd

Christ At The Helm

Placing Christ at the Helm of our life is what the bible
enjoins us to do. Who better than our Lord to guide us through this life.
“His Word is a Lamp to our feet, and a Light to our Path” Psalm 119:105